Fast Qi Wireless Charger for Samsung (Flat Square-Black)

With the Wireless Charger, you can take your wireless charging experience to the next level. You no longer have to worry about attaching charging cables every time you wish to charge your device, simply place it on the charging pad and you’re good to go.


Product Descriptions

Fast Qi Wireless Charger for Samsung

Fast Qi Wireless Charger for Samsung

Fast Qi Wireless Charger

This quick wireless charger will not let you down. It has Two modes for wireless charging:

  1. Fast Charging (Output 10W Max) for your Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge+, and S7. For fast charger operation, you will need a quick charge AC plug to supply enough power. It will not charge fast with regular AC adapter.
  2. Standard Charging (Output 5W Max) for all other devices that do not have fast charging feature.

Safety Guaranteed Charging

Safety is also of utmost importance to us and we value our customers’ welfare. We had this charger designed and embedded with a smart IC chip to protect your phone from overcharging, and overcurrent. While its 10W output high quality charging coil delivers fastest possible wireless charging speed. No blowing up, exploding or anything of that sort if that is your concern.

Portable And Easy To Use

Bring this with you anytime and anywhere you like as its compact design makes it easy to pack into your bags. Just place your phone accordingly, leave it, and in the morning you are good to go!

Made Of High-Quality Material

Made from only the best materials, this charger is sure to last. It has a stable, sturdy base that keeps the phone in place so you would not have to worry about it moving around. Just leave your phone charging before going to bed in the evening and in the morning, you are good to go!

Hassle-free Warranty

We promise 30 days 100% FULL MONEY BACK No-hassle REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE. Friendly customer service and 100% Risk-free purchase that make each buy a good buy.



Thin but heavy enough to stay put. This wireless phone charger has a silicone ring strategically placed to keep your phone from sliding. This charging pad is sturdy with rubberized foot on every corner to avoid slipping. No need to look for that “sweet spot” as the charging pad is small enough but has an almost flat surface that covers enough area needed when charging your phones.

Don’t risk on using substandard chargers or plugs. Your properties may well depend on it. Only use the best chargers and save in the long run.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 13.5 mm
  • Product Standard: QI 1.2
  • Model: AZCP-F003
  • Color: Black
  • Input: DC5V/2A,9V/1.8A
  • Output: Self-adaption
  • Working Frequency: 110-205KHz



Applicable Models for Fast Charge

Fast charge modes are ONLY available for Samsung Galaxy Devices:

  • S8/S8 Plus,
  • S6 Edge+,
  • S7/S7 Edge
  • Note 5 models.

Other Compatible Models

Samsung Galaxy S6

Nexus 7/Nexus 4/Nexus 5/Nexus 6

Nokia Lumia 920/1020/928/Lumia 950xl

Lumia 950 HTC 8X / HTC Droid DNA / Rzound



Other Qi-enabled devices will charge at regular speed. For fast charge mode, this QC 2.0 adaptive fast charger requires a QC 2.0 adapter (NOT INCLUDED) as its power source. Some devices may require an additional wireless charging receiver (NOT INCLUDED).

Models Requiring a Wireless Charging Receiver

Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Galaxy Note 4/3/2 Nokia Lumia 820, All iPhone models 7/7S/7 plus, 6/5s/5/ Blackberry Z30 Verizon LG G4.